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Guidelines for Contributors

The Biblical Research Journal (BRJ) welcomes written submissions from workmen of the Word of God for possible publication. We are looking for longer, more-formal articles to appear in PDF format one the website's Main Menu. We are also looking for shorter, more-informal pieces to appear as datelined entries in the "BRJ Weblog." And we will take a look at Word-centered true-life stories (testimonies of God's deliverance through Christ Jesus for instance) and essays, along with original poems, fictional short stories and graphic art. We are not interested in audio or video submissions at this time.

Subjects of Interest

Article Format and Editing

Articles that feature teachings of God's Word may be structured in an expository form (studying one verse in depth), in a textual form (studying an entire context), in a topical form (tracing either a topic or a word or phrase, from the Greek, Aramaic or Hebrew text, through Scripture), or in a mixture of these three formats. Or in any other form, as long as the work is accurate and readable. The structure: 1) Tell them what you're going to tell them; then 2) Tell them.; then 3) Tell them what you told them, has been used successfully in exegesis and expostion for a long time.

All submissions must meet this journal's standards for Biblical accuracy. Any questions must be resolved before publication. Submissions will also be edited for clarity and usage. Submissions may be returned with suggestions for a rewrite, and we encourage contributors to rewrite and resubmit. As editors, our goal is to help you say what you mean in your own inimitable way with your own unique style and flair. No article will be published before the contributor has approved the final draft.

Deadlines and Length

This being an online venue, there are no deadlines for submissions. Articles longer than 3,000 to 5,000 words may need to be broken down into more than one part and published in series. With a multi-part articles, the entire series must be submitted before publication begins. Exceptions will be considered for on-going works, such as a series of articles studying Orientalisms or the like.


The BRJ requires permission for one-time publication only. All other rights are retained by the contributor. Contributors to this site agree to release their works, while they are posted here, under the license notice at the bottom of the Main Page. Works published by the BRJ remain posted on the website at the discretion of the editors and the contributors.


Please include a brief description of yourself. It may include things such as your background in Biblical research, information about your family, you in-home fellowship, or your occupation, along with anything else that might be of interest to readers about you.


The BRJ does not solicit or accept donations. Contributions are made free of charge and without renumeration. The publisher nevertheless reserves the God-given right, out of whatever personal gifts he may receive from this journal's readers or any other of his funds, to give to anyone according to the will of God as he sees fit, including to contributors to this journal. For more details see this site's Give page.

God's Word on a Silver Platter

In II Timothy 2:15, God and the Lord Jesus Christ via the Apostle Paul charged Timothy: "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

The same standard applies to workmen of the Word of truth today. That's why the research and teaching of God's Word have to be produced and evaluated honestly, in a disinterested fashion (see pp. 3-4 of the "Introduction" to Dr. Wierwille's Jesus Christ Is Not God), while paying heed foremost to the spirit of God within as we ask the Lord Jesus Christ to give us understanding in all things (II Timothy 2:7). Positions, personalities, traditions, personal preferences and any other such considerations are irrelevant. Dr. Wierwille used to say "it's always the NCAA Finals" whenever anyone handles the Word of God. I would add that, at this level of play, there is no room for ego. This is the Word of God we are dealing with, not to mention people's lives.

An expanded translation of Proverbs 25:11 might be rendered, from the text:

A word (be it concerning a matter, offering some advice, giving an answer, regarding some business, addressing a care, handing down a command, offering some counsel, delivering a decree, rendering a judgment, communicating a message, making known a promise or granting some provision) fitly spoken (rightly appointed, correctly answered, authoritatively commanded, presicely declared, accurately pronounced, surely promised, precisely rehearsed, truthfully taught, faithfully uttered, honestly told) is apples of gold served on platters of silver.

Our goal at the BRJ is to the best of our ability present the rightly-divided Word of God on a silver platter, following the example of the man of God who taught us God's Word. Contributors to this journal, whether or not they sat under Dr. Wierwille's teaching ministry, must be striving for the same goal.

We look forward to receiving the benefits of our contributors' work and sharing those benefits with our readers. We also look forward to making, or perhaps renewing, our acquaintance with our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

How to Submit

Please submit via email to: Articles may be cut and pasted into the body of the email or attached in text, rtf or Word documents.

Jeff Stanley, Editor and Publisher