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Teachings by
Victor Paul Wierwille

Dr. and Mrs. Victor Paul Wierwille with a 'Corps Twig' on a visit to Van Wert The ministry of Victor Paul Wierwille (1916-1985) spanned more than 40 years. During that time he wrote numerous books, penned over four-hundred magazine and newspaper articles, instructed a wide variety of classes, taught at hundreds of fellowship meetings and ministered to tens of thousands of God's people around the world. Dr. Wierwille was also the founder and first president of The Way International.

Dr. Wierwille's books include Power for Abundant Living, Receiving the Holy Spirit Today, The Bible Tells Me So, The New Dynamic Church, The Word's Way, God's Magnifed Word, Order My Steps in Thy Word, Are the Dead Alive Now, Jesus Christ is Not God, Jesus Christ Our Passover, Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed and Christians Should Be Prosperous. Classes he taught included the Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced classes on Power for Abundant Living, along with "Corps Night" classes, taught at the Way Ministry's various Way Corps training locations, researching the books of I and II Thessalonians, Romans, Ephesians and I and II Timothy.

Dr. Wierwille received his undergraduate divinity degree at Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He afterward studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary, where he was awarded a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. After graduating he was invited to study at Oxford University, in England, but would complete his doctorate sometime later under Dr. H. Ellis Lininger, a well-known homiletician, at the Pikes Peak Bible Seminary and Burton College in Manitou Springs, Colorado. He was ordained to the Christian ministry in 1941 and over the next sixteen years would pastor two churches for the Evangelical and Reformed denomination (now called the Church of Christ) in the northwestern Ohio towns of Payne and Van Wert.

It was during the fourteen years he pastored in Van Wert that Dr. Wierwille began his quest, in earnest, for the keys to the more abundant life that Jesus Christ promises in John 10:10. As he pursued his own lines of Biblical research, Dr. Wierwille would study with men such as E. Stanley Jones, Glen Clark, Rufus Mosley, J.E. Stiles, Oral Roberts, B.G. Leonard, Starr Daily, Ablert Cliff, Bishop K.C. Pillai, Karl Barth and George M. Lamsa. On October 3, 1942 Dr. Wierwille began an independent radio broadcast on WLOK in Lima, Ohio which after his resignation from the denomination in 1957 would become the world-wide ministry known as "The Way."

When it comes to the historical record of Dr. Wierwille's life and ministry, neither the controversy that surrounded him when he was alive nor the ongoing hashing and rehashing among his former students and others of his faults and failures that came into public view after his death have remained in any way secret. But neither has the fact that, through his books and classes, he led tens of thousands of people into receiving the fullness of the promise of Christ (see the BRJ weblog post Extrordinary Evidence).

The historical exposes that have been published to date (February 2011) consist of The Cult That Snapped (1999) by Karl Kahler, and Losing the Way (2008) by Kristen Skedgell. The two books of historical note that have been published with a more positive spin are The Way, Living in Love (1972) by Elena Whiteside, and Born Again to Serve (1996) by Dorothea Kipp Wierwille.

*** The public-domain teachings, which are presented here in written form, Dr. Wierwille originally presented live. See the notices on the individual teachings for details.

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Audio Recordings

Dr. Wierwille sipping coffee in his easy chair "That You May Know" is a great resource for anyone interested in Dr. Wierwille's teaching ministry. It consists of recordings of just about every Sunday Night Service teaching that he ever taught, dating from the 1960s through the 1980s. They are recorded on sixteen CDs formatted in MP3, retrieved from "504 public, non-copyrighted, Sunday Teaching Service" tapes and "30 Tape of the Month," and includes an excellent index to the teachings.

NOTE: I've done a little bit of this kind of work, folks, so I know what's involved. And I want to tell you, this had to be a "labor of love." No doubt about it, this is a great deal! And by the way, since there seems to be a question, the BRJ was not involved in producing these CDs and we are not involved in distributing them. (Nor do we get any kind of "cut" for "advertising" them. Sheesh.)

These recordings include the live presentations of teachings that we have and will publish here in PDF. But while it's nice having some of Dr. Wierwille's "classic" teachings down in writing, why not listen to "the Teacher" teach for yourself? Here's a sample:

"Riches For Power," November 11, 1973:

Additionally, the Internet Archive also has these listed these recordings free and available online for individual download.