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An Interesting Tidbit
What "Mr. Belurker" or "Miss Jonassas" have to say about it, I dunno...
-- Jeff, Monday 02-28-2010, 10:54 pm CST
--Updated Sunday 06-19-2011, 1:07 pm CDT

'The Making of a Moonie' bookcover In the course of researching for a possible future weblog post on the subject of "cults," I ran across a book in which I stumbled onto a tidbit that I thought might be interesting to graduates of Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille's "Power for Abundant Living" class series.

The book is sociologist Eileen Barker's The Making of a Moonie, Choice or Brainwashing? (1984), which she wrote after doing a years-long academic field study of the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon. Although in it Prof. Barker canvases far more than I -- for one -- care to know about the group, her conclusions are as interesting as they have been controversial. Especially considering all the hoopla over "cults" in our society over the last forty years.

For instance on page 258, where in answer to her subtitle she writes:

...Moonies are no more likely to stagnate into mindless robots that are their peers who travel to the city on the 8.23 each morning.
But what for me was the jaw-dropping knee-slapper can be found on page 72 (links and emphasis added) -- where in the midst of the facts, not surprisingly, the good professor mixes up exactly who the medium was (Arthur Ford) and who is the familiar spirit was (Mr. Fletcher):
Another kind of "proof" comes not from Moon but, it is claimed, directly to others from the spirit world. An association with spiritualism and psychics has been a prominent feature of Moon's life, and from earliest times many of his followers have been people who are "spiritually open" and who report having experienced communications with the "beyond." For the considerable number of people who accept the validity of such experiences numerous stories are told of independent revelations testifying of Moon's message.

One of the most widely quoted disclosures from the spirit world is published in a book called Unknown but Known by one of America's best-known psychics, Arthur Ford. While still in America during the early 1960s, Doris Walder [an early Moon follower in the U.S.A.] had met Sir Anthony Brooke, an old Etonian who had been a "white Rajah" of Sarawak and had led an English metaphysical group, the Universal Foundation. Brooke became enthusiastic about Moon and visited him in Korea. In 1964 he had a sitting with Ford and was told by a medium called Fletcher that: "The divine purpose for which Mr. Moon is brought to your consciousness is simply stated in this way: 'It is necessary (he is the voice of inspiration, guidance) to restore to mankind an understanding of his full nature and his relationship to God.'" Brooke then arranged for Moon himself, while in America on his first world tour, to have a sitting with Ford. Fletcher transmitted a message from the spirit world to the effect that "The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, can speak through Moon more clearly -- more completely -- than he is able to speak through any one individual today"..........................................................

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