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God's Bank Ain't Busted Yet (PDF)
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by Victor Paul Wierwille
The Way International Headquarters, January 6, 1980
-- Jeff, Wednesday 07-17-2010, 12:47 pm CDT

Photo of Victor Paul Wierwille How wonderful it would be for you with your conscious and subconscious mind to respect the promises of God with the same fervency as mankind honors the names and checks of men. Think for a moment of the possibilities -- the miracles that will come to pass when you consciously and subconsciously begin to honor and respect the name of the Father here upon earth as it is hallowed in heaven.

Our heavenly Father has left us numerous definite checks for definite needs. Furthermore, in His infinite wisdom and foresight, He left us ten blank checks. Seven of which we may write in "WHATSOEVER" we need and three we may fill in with "ANYTHING."

Gilt edged securities issued by the most financially sound corporation in the whole world are not as sound as the promises of God. Wall Street fluctuates the value of your money in the bank but the promises of God has suffered no fluctuations in any way whatsoever.

The resources in the vault of the great bank of God are not only unlimited and infinite -- but the same always -- where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt nor thieves break through and steal.

A remarkable privilege is yours in that you may reuse the blank checks over and over again with a new set of requests and desires. The more these checks are used, the more powerful and meaningful they become. Thus, I invite you by faith -- by believing -- to step up to the Cashiers Window of God's love and bravely countersign His promises, saying "Father I believe thy promise."


NOTE FROM THE BRJ: We are currently working on a PDF version of the Mountaintop Checkbook. Stay tuned...


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