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"What you want and what I want is not religion"
-- Jeff, Wednesday 07-17-2010, 2:35 pm CST

Photo of E.W. Bullinger The Rev. Dr. E.W. Bullinger (1837-1913) was among the most accurate and prolific researchers of the Word of God known to history. There are not many writers, of any kind of literature, whose works remain in print ninety-seven years after their death. The reason Dr. Bullinger's works remain in demand is quite simple. Serious students of the Bible including myself, to this day, find them invaluable to their studies. As a matter of fact, the demand for Dr. Bullinger's works has increased so much recently, that the publishing house Pilkington and Sons has put back into print numerous individual works that had been out of print.

Bullinger's Companion Bible is the Bible that I read every day. His Critical Lexicon and Concordance to the Greek and English New Testament is a resource that I always consult when I'm doing an in-depth study of a Greek word. His book on how to rightly-divide the Scriptures, How to Enjoy the Bible, sits at-the-ready on my bookshelf for whenever I need consult it, or just want to read through the studies in it. And it is safe to say that his reference work Figures of Speech Used in the Bible is a landmark work in that field of study.

This last book, I am pleased to announce thanks an individual who wishes to remain anonymous, we are now able to make available to BRJ readers in PDF format.

Of course, as anyone knows who has read the Introduction (PDF) to my ongoing project in the field of figures of speech, the debt of gratitude that work will owe to Dr. Bullinger will be immense to say the least. But to understand the value of the whole scope of Dr. Bullinger's work, you have to understand something about his attitude toward the Scriptures, and toward the works that he produced to make them known.

Juanita S. Cary in her book, E.W. Bullinger: A Biography, cites his granddaughter, Elizabeth Dodson, as she related an incident that ocurred near the end of his life. An incident that speaks volumes about Dr. Bullinger's attitude toward the Scriptures, which was reflected during his entire career by the accuracy and care with which he produced his biblical research that makes them so valuable to this day:

As is well known, he viewed with profound grief the tendency to place human "religion" where Gospel truth should be, and this feeling was with him to the last.

At the close of the first week of illness, the nurse, after temporary absence from the room, said that she had heard from a friend who had been reading some of his books. He asked if she herself had read any of the books, and received the reply: "No, I never read religious books." Weak as he was, he was roused by these words, and he almost rose from the bed as he said:

"I never write religous books. Religion may mean anything. What you and I want is not religion, but Christianity. CHRIST."

The declaration was characteristic, and the energy with which it was made, when his life was drawing so rapidly to ists close, was very impressive. (pp. 173-174)

Bullinger's works continue to be very impressive. Not perfect. He didn't rightly-divide God's Word all the time. Just like all the works of man, his efforts were imperfect. But as tools and guideposts for any and all workmen of the Word of God, his publications remain invaluable. On the road back to the accuracy of the Word of God that was lost after the first century, as a premiere Biblical researcher, E.W. Bullinger stands as a monumental mile marker still visible along the way.


Oh? So you are wondering about that book on figures of speech that I was talking about, eh? You want a link to it, do you? Heh. Okay. Here it is (left-click to open or right-click to save)...


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