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Excerpts from a Letter
Including Observations about Spiritualism
And the State of our Country Spiritually

-- Jeff, Wednesday 07-13-2010, 7:15 am CST
Updated Friday 02-04-2011, 10:11 am CST

Poster Commemorating Andrew Click I thought that it might be profitable for readers of this journal to look at a couple or three excerpts from I letter that I have written to someone close to me.

Dear *** ,...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

...Speaking of sad, Friday before last I was sitting in my apartment when I heard a loud crash outside. I grabbed my flashlight, and sure enough it was a wreck. A car had collided head-on with one of the trees along the sidewalk on Silver Sands. We could see a kid slumped down in the drivers seat, but he was unresponsive and the car was locked. So my neighbor, Angel, sprinted to his apartment and brought back a steel bar, which we used to break the far passenger window.

Once we got the drivers door open, a neighbor from across the street took my flashlight and checked the victim's pupils. He sighed, made the sign of the cross, then he turned around and told me "he's dead." He must have seen a cell phone inside too, because he also told me, "I think he was texting." Which from the newspaper report later, turned out to be the story.

Within five minutes the Fire Department EMTs where there. They pulled the kid from the vehicle and worked on him on the ground for ten or fifteen minutes, then they covered him up with a yellow tarp. It turns out he was twenty years old. Dead instantly because some text message was more important to him than paying attention to where he was going in his car.

I cried that night over the whole thing. That is just too young. Too young. He reminded me of *** and *** when they were that age. And thinking about what his poor family was going through.

The next day ten or fifteen of his friends and family showed up. They put up a wreath on the tree and wrote on some posters that they taped to the fence. And the day after that, on Sunday, I went over and read what they had written. And it became clear to me that the young man -- his name was Andrew Click -- was born again.

That's when it hit me. That during those three, or four, or five minutes between when my neighbor looked at his pupils and when the Fire Department showed up, I had a window of opportunity. A window of opportunity to go kneel by the driver, and pray and ask God if it was available to put life back in that boy.

Maybe it would have been available, maybe not. But the point is, that I didn't take charge of the situation spiritually when I could have and should have. I didn't even think about it at the time, I was so wrapped up in what was happening and what people were saying. But I tell you what, I have learned my lesson. Next time, if there is one, I'm going to look for that open door that God always provides to us. To people who believe and know -- like you always say *** -- that "God can do anything."

That evening, I went over to my neighbor Angel's apartment where I heard a weird story. He had this head sitting on one of his kitchen chairs, sculpted out of some kind of dingy-looking yellow-brown foam. It had pretty realistic features of a devilish-looking face on it, and rusty nails on top sticking out in the shape of a mohawk haircut.

John told me that the night of the accident, while the police were still out by the wreck, he had walked up to the convenience store. And on his way he saw that head sitting in the middle of the street. So John says to me, "That is voodoo. That is evil." And I say back, "There is no evil in that stupid thing. If you are afraid of it, that is negative believing. And that is where the evil will get an open door against you."

I think John is born again, but I don't know if I convinced him or not. But overall, it is clear to me that country and this world are turning more and more into a zoo. To think that there are people living -- right around here close to where I live -- who get their yah-yahs off by trying to draw "spiritual power" from the scene of a fatal accident. Talk about screwed up. I don't know how human beings can get any more screwed up than that.


Monday, July 12, 2010

What is going on in this country -- the negatives I'm talking about -- has deep roots. Ultimately, like everything in life if you trace things back deeply enough, they are spiritual.

Of course, there are still a lot of positives about the good ol' U.S. of A. There are a lot of sound people here. We probably have more people here who are born again of God's spirit than any other country in the world. I run into them all the time: neighbors, customers, people online, people at the karaoke bar up the street. (Okay that last, I'm not sure yet if any of them are Christians. But I can tell you that quite a few of them are alcoholics.)

The thing is, that the Adversary has so arranged things in our society and world, that the most crooked people are the ones who are most likely to land on top. And whatever good people do land in positions of authority and responsibility, the system is designed either to corrupt them or run them off. Sort of reminds me of the state of the Way Ministry by the time Dr. Wierwille died. As usual we set the pace, in the bad as well as the good.

But think about the landscape of our country when Doctor was alive and the Way Ministry was on the Word. We had WOW Ambassadors going out every year to communities all across the country. Where they were holding forth God's Word and running Twig fellowships. Nowadays all we are left with, again, are spiritually-dead churches and so-called "ministries." With God's people left sitting in their pews and/or folding chairs, starving for instruction in God's accurate Word. Again.

Back when the rightly-divided Word was moving, of course the spiritualists and the corrupters were around then too. They're always around. The thing is nowadays, the true God doesn't have as many people as He used to, to act as counterweights. People who are excited about and energized by His Living Word. Instead we are all caught up in the Adversary's web of counterfeits -- Bibles galore, sure, but something is just slightly off at best -- with most of us too busy "looking out for number one" to bother with being of much service to the Lord Jesus Christ anyway.

Photo of the voodoo head

That spiritualist creep, whoever it was who put that voodoo head in the street, as worthless as he is, nevertheless has "the energy of his conviction." The motivation to put his skills to work carving the stupid thing, and the boldness to put it in the street while the police were still there.

Where is the energy of our conviction, as believers in the true God, on the accuracy of His Word? The answer of course, is that it has waned. There's a line of a poem, that Dr. Wierwille quoted once, which says, "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity." That describes "our times" to a "T." And the Adversary is taking full advantage of the situation.

The exact same thing that happened to us ... happened in literally hundreds of other Twigs across the country. For the same reason too, because so many of the so-called "ministry leadership" opened their trap doors, and then proceeded to wrack and ruin God's people, just like happened here. Having become corrupt themselves, they deceived and/or seduced the Corps, the Twig coordinators and the believers into becoming corrupt, or if people resisted, they ran them off. Just like happened here.

It happened all over the country. I know this is true, because via the Internet, I am back in touch with several of my Corps brothers and sisters who I knew when we were in the program together. And I am in touch with other believers who I knew before that. Plus I have recently met Way Corps and other believers, who I didn't know before. And the stories are all the same. Broken marriages, broken families, the believers scattered, counterfeits galore, and almost no rightly-divided Word of God.

That, right there, is one of the main roots, spiritually, which explains why our country is entering an economic depression that it is not going to come out of anytime soon, if it ever does.

Most people have a hard time envisioning the end of the United States of America. I don't. Mainly because I spent so many years having a hard time envisioning the end of the Way Ministry. After all, with all of the rightly-divided Word we had, surely we were invincible. When in reality, by the time Doctor died the Adversary had his systematized error and his people -- a lot of them not only born-again believers, but individuals who were ordained to the Christian ministry -- all set up. Everything was in place by which he was able to pull the whole thing down the drain within a few short months after Doctor was gone.


Beginnings of the Andrew Click shrine
Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pulling in from work yesterday evening, I noticed that people are turning the tree that killed that Andrew kid into a shrine, according the fad nowadays when people die in wrecks.

Someone added balloons and several of those Roman Catholic -- what I call them -- "dead candles." They are the kind of candles that the RCs burn for the dead in their churches. You know, in hopes that if they pray and give the Mother Church enough money (you have to fork over cash to burn one in one of their church buildings), that God will release their loved-one's soul from Purgatory.

Oops. Wrong God.

Do you know what the Number One Religion in the world is? It is not Catholicism, it is not Protestantism, it is not Islam, it is not Buddhism, it is not Hinduism.

In fact, it is the religion that is in control of all those religions and of every other religion besides. It is the one that is not only in the drivers seat in this world, spiritually-speaking, it also is the oldest religion in this world. Because it can be traced back all the way to Eve, when she believed what the Serpent told her when he said, "Ye shall not surely die." And it is also going to be the longest-lasting religion in the world, because it is the religion that in the book of Revelation is called "Babylon the Great."

That religion is spiritualism.

There is not a dime's worth of difference, spiritually speaking, from that [*expletive deleted*] who put that voodoo head in the middle of the road and the idiots who are behind these shrines on the side of the road. That voodoo dork was trying to draw spiritual power from that dead kid his way, by being an [*expletive deleted*]. Now these people are trying to draw spiritual power from that dead kid their way, by being "nice." ALL of it is spiritualism and ALL of it is idolatry.

Shoot, there is one of these stupid shrine things where I regularly get off of 1604 on my way home from work. And it has been there for months on end. If they think they're going to pull that crap in front of where I live, they had better think again.

I already taped up a notice on the fence, right beside the posters they put up for Andrew, which said the following:

Too bad, but guess what?
People walk along this sidewalk,
including mothers with babies in their strollers.
At least Andrew didn't kill anyone else.

Somebody tore it down, of course. But it stayed up for two or three days at least. During which time I saw one person -- one of the regulars who uses that sidewalk every day -- read it and smile. Like as if a light went off in his head.

Out of due respect to Andrew, I'm not going to do anything until I get back from the Colorado expedition. But if they keep up the crap, I will tell you exactly what I am going to do.

I am going to get up in the wee hours one morning, take a jumbo-sized garbage bag, and pull down the wreath, and the posters, and gather up the candles and all the rest. And while I will save the posters, that have the writing on them about Andrew, and try to get them to the family -- as far as the rest of the junk -- I am going to throw it all into the dipsy dumpster. And then I am going to tape up another notice on the fence.

This is a public street, not a shrine.
If you want to visit Andrew, he is not here.
He is in the graveyard.
Visit him there.

Like it?


For all my talk in the letter, I never have torn down that "shrine." For one thing, it provides a great "tree warning" for people when their headlights shine on it as they drive around the bend in the road. So if I ever do tear it down, I'll have to screw in a couple or three reflectors to perform that function.

I'm not sure exactly why I have never felt like tearing it down. I suppose it has to do with the "due respect" thing for the poor guy. Whatever the case it's still up there, its fake flowers fading and the candle holders filling up with dirt.


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