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"That You May Know"
-- Jeff, Sunday 04-22-2007, 10:30 am CDT

Dr. Wierwille sipping coffee in his easy chair There's a fantastic resource available to everyone out there who has been lamenting the fact that Dr. Wierwille's classes are no longer being run and his books are no longer in print. We have, just this morning, posted a link to it on our Teachings by Victor Paul Wierwille page. If you're like me, your old Sunday Night Service cassettes are getting longer in the tooth every day, if they still run at all. And you've never had an anywhere-near complete set to begin with.

You can add to your audio library recordings of just about every Sunday Night Service teaching that Dr. Wierwille ever taught -- dating from the 1960s through the 1980s. For eighty-eight bucks, plus $8.50 shipping, you will receive sixteen CDs formatted in MP3, that contain recordings of the "504 public, non-copyrighted, Sunday Teaching Service" tapes and the "30 Tape of the Month" tapes that included teachings by Dr. Wierwille. Plus you'll receive, on a separate CD, an excellent index to the teachings that you can print up.

Hey, whatcha-doin' there Bubba? You mean you ain't ordered it already? Light a fire under it then, would ya?


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