II Timothy 2:15
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

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The Discipline of Doctrine, Reproof and Correction
And a Parable on Forgiveness
Jeff Stanley - Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 21:59

"You can do a simple English word study on 'reproof' in the book of Proverbs and see that the choices we make, when we are reproved and it's the Word, are important. It's important that we go the Word's way. Because if we don't, what it says here, we are going to be 'turned out of the way.' 'But rather let it be healed,' let it be taken care of. We are children of God, children. We are growing up in Christ, we aren't perfect. My gosh, why do we feel like we have to act like it all the time?" . . . more>>

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The Foundation of Biblical Research -Sticky-
-- Jeff, Sunday 04-01-2007, 9:30 pm CDT

God bless you and welcome to the Biblical Research Journal. The idea of Biblical research is at odds with many preconceived notions popular nowadays. To a lot of folks, putting the term "research" in association with the word "Bible" seems like an unlikely combination . . . more>>

"How to Change Your Mind and Your Life" -Sticky-
bookcover of Learned Optimism BOOK REVIEW: Learned Optimism, by Martin E. P. Seligman, Ph.D.
-- Jeff, Tuesday 11-08-2009, 4:15 pm CST

In medical research, there are three kinds of evidence that are considered to determine the effectiveness of a particular treatment. The least valuable is anecdotal evidence. More valuable, is clinical evidence. But only a treatment that has been proven by controlled studies can be said to have been proven scientifically . . . more>>

Extraordinary Evidence -Sticky-
'The God Delusion' bookcover And Witnesses of the Highest Order
-- Jeff, Wednesday 02-02-2011, 7:08 pm CST

The publishing world has hit the jackpot with the recent publication of several books that debate the existence of God. Books that have not only proven to be popular sellers, but that have also sparked a new chapter that ages-long philosophical wrangle . . . more>>

Teaching Series: The Sons of Thunder
-- Jeff, Sunday 03-17-2013, 6:38 am CDT

This five-part teaching series looks at the times, ministries and thunderous revelation given to the two apostles, earthly brothers, one of whom opened up, and the other of whom closed out the writing the canon of revelation given in the New Testament. They were the brothers who, during his earthly ministry, the Lord Jesus Christ himself gave the name, The Sons of Thunder . . . more>>

Christian Cannibalism: What Does the Bible Teach?
A Study of Galatians 5:15
-- Jeff, Wednesday 03-15-2013, 10:26 pm CDT

Although the Old Testament Law does not deal with cannibalism specifically, as it relates to the nation and kingdom of ancient Israel, it is suprising to many even among academics and biblical scholars, that the subject of Christian Cannibalism does come up in the New Testament. And specifically in the book of Galatians. Which, most surprisingly of all perhaps, does not forbid the practice, but instead gives guidelines for how it is to be engaged in most profitably by the Church of God . . . more>>

"Wisdom is Justified by Her Children"
-- Jeff, Wednesday 02-20-2013, 9:24 am CST

In Matthew 11:16-19 Jesus Christ ends a teaching with the words "wisdom is justified by her children,"which sound momentous. Like a saying which should have resounded down through history as a proverb. And well it should have, but there has been one small problem. Nobody seems to know what he was talking about . . . more>>

On Main Ideas and Imported Images
In Figures of Comparison
-- Jeff, Saturday 02-16-2013, 9:31 am CST

In the Figures of Speech Class at the Way College of Emporia, which I was privileged to attend in the early 1980s, one of the invaluable subjects that we studied was how certain figures utilize Main Ideas and Imported Images. Understanding how these two work together represents an important tool for recognizing and analyzing an entire class of figures of speech known as Tropes.

In this weblog post I would like to show how Main Ideas and Imported Images work within a particular category of Rhetorical Tropes. Specifically, with three of the figures of speech that involve Comparison: Simile, Metaphor, and Hypocatastasis, of which I will give a biblical example of each. . . more>>

P-46: A First-Century Codex of the Church Epistles
High Quality Images Available Online from
The University of Michigan
-- Jeff, Monday 02-11-2013, 1:51 pm CST

There is a codex (manuscript in book form), written in Greek, which preserves most of the Church Epistles (Romans through II Thessalonians), that was discovered in Egypt in 1930 and has been designated by biblical scholars Papyrus 46 (abbreviated P46, P-46, and P46). P-46, being indisputably the oldest known manuscript of the New Testament, is an exciting manuscript for those interested in biblical research because of its possible date. Which one scholar has estimated that it had to be written during the first century of Christ's advent . . . more>>

Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword?
-- Jeff, Wednesday 02-06-2013, 12:52 pm CST

As if the murder of decorated Navy SEAL Chris Kyle wasn't tragic enough for his family and loved ones, including the wife and two children that he left behind. Now they are being exposed to accusations from an allegedly-Christian politico by the name of Ron Paul, along with his allegedly-Christian sycophants, that former Chief Petty Officer Kyle deserved to be murdered. Based on "the Bible," of course . . . more>>

The Figure of Speech Suppositional Identification in Romans 7:15-25
-- Jeff, Sunday 02-03-2013, 11:42 am CST

The conundrum described in the seventh chapter of Romans makes the following some of the most difficult verses in the Church Epistles... That the Apostle Paul employs figure of speech in [Romans 7:15-25] - by referring to himself in the first person - is self-evident. Unless, that is, the Paul is talking about himself alone . . . more>>